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  • *Battery Modules

    Choose the modules you have for your batteries


    Choose accordingly to your system power. Maximum current depends on the peak current and time.


    Indicate the maximum voltage of your system.

    • 280 €
    *Current Sensor

    Choose accordingly to your system power. This is the absolute maximum current that the system can measure.

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If you want to build a DIY stationary battery from one of the main OEM e-vehicle manufacture such as TESLA or BMW, we developed the best solution for you. To connect the batteries to the BMS you just simply connect the original slave BMS from the battery modules using usually 4 wires!

This kit was design to ensure a simple and efficient build of a stationary battery assuming only that the inverter or your system can be controlled by two inputs (charge enable and discharge enable, such as VICTRON INVERTERS), so that our BMS can control the SOC of the battery. It comes with all components needed to make a battery work, except for the cables.

This includes:

  • Contactors
  • DC-DC converter (select system voltage for us to give you the appropriate version)
  • Buttons, switches, relays and indicator needed to connect the whole system
  • Current sensor (select system current for us to give you the appropriate version)
  • Pre-charge system
  • NTC for ambient temperature detection
  • And of course our BMS V1

You will need:

  •  Cables
  •  Terminal crimping plier
  •  HV ISO METER (if you want to ensure a safe insulation between battery terminals and the chassis)


  • Will save usage data on its SD card;
  •  It is able to send and receive data through a GSM module and your SIM Card
  • You don’t need to buy BMS slaves and independent cell connection, you will use the original that come with the modules saving lots of time, the risk of burning electronics and reduces shock hazards.


  • TESLA modules (Panasonic)
  • Mitsubishi I-MIEV, Citroen C-zero, Peugeot ION (YUASA)
  • BMW (Samsung SDI)
  • *Renault (LGCHEM)
  • *Nissan (AESC)

*complete battery, cannot connect to independent modules, if you have no BMS Slaves.